Video of Trump's Doppelganger Goes Viral; FBI's Kavanaugh Report Complete; 'F&F' Takes on Senate Dem

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October 04, 2018

Video of Man Who Looks Just Like President Trump Goes Viral

Footage of a man who bears a striking resemblance to President Donald Trump is making the rounds on social media.

Judge Nap: FBI's Failure to Interview Kavanaugh and Ford Will Be Used as 'Ammunition'

'What Evidence Is There?': 'F&F' Hosts Challenge Dem Sen. Coons on Kavanaugh Opposition

'Brett Kavanaugh: Boys Will Be Boys': New College Course Addresses 'Hook-Up Culture'

Judge Jeanine: Dems Overplayed Their Hand on Kavanaugh and It's Going to Backfire

Judge Jeanine Pirro joined the 'Fox & Friends' co-hosts Thursday morning to weigh in on the latest in the Judge Brett Kavanaugh confirmation controversy.

'A Lot of Filth': Tucker Blasts Left-Wing Pundits for 'Attacking People on Basis of Ethnicity'

Tucker Carlson

Gingrich: Voters Will Reject 'Character Assassination' of Kavanaugh, Left's Constant Obstruction

Newt Gingrich

'The Essence of Sexism': Shapiro on Alyssa Milano's 'Shocking' Comments on Men, Kavanaugh


'This Is Not an Old Story': NYT Reporter Details Explosive Expose on Trump Family's Finances, Tax-Dodging

Fred Trump

Gutfeld on Campus Craziness: 'Seedpods From the Garden of Stupid Are Blooming'


Watters: Ford's Ex-Boyfriend's Sworn Letter 'Riddled With Bombshells'

Watters Ford

'It's Eye-Opening': Kurtz Highlights 'Choreographed,' Soros-Linked Protests Against Kavanaugh

Sen. Graham: Red State Democrats Are 'Toast' If They Vote 'No' on Kavanaugh

Senate Judiciary Committee member discusses Kavanaugh's impact on the midterm elections. On 'Hannity,' Sen. Graham says red state Democrats are 'toast' if they vote 'no.'

Conway Defends Trump's Remarks on Ford: There Is No Corroboration, 'Gaps in Her Memory'

WATCH: Bolton Calls Palestine a 'So-Called State,' Doubles Down After Being Pressed by Reporter

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