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October 7, 2018

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First, Fareed gives his Take on the Supreme Court confirmation battle over Brett Kavanaugh and why US democracy is the "most consequential casualty."

"For American democracy to work, all the elements -- the branches of government, the political parties, the states and the center -- must find a way to work together. And what makes that kind of cooperation possible is the sense that there are some institutions, some rules, some norms that cannot be thrown into the maelstrom of party politics. And chief among those institutions is the Supreme Court. Or it was."

Next, Fareed is joined by two former secretaries of state: Madeleine Albright, the first woman to hold that office, served under President Clinton, and Colin Powell, the first African-American to oversee US diplomacy, served under George W. Bush.

How should the United States handle the rise of strongmen leaders across the globe? Can President Trump be a moral leader for the world? How should the Trump administration handle policy toward China and Russia? What happens next with Iran with the Trump administration withdrawing from the nuclear deal? Fareed discusses all this and more in his exclusive interview with two of America's former top diplomats.

Watch Powell and Albright discuss the Supreme Court confirmation battle

Take This Week's GPS Challenge

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Find out the answers to these questions and more – and see how other GPS viewers did – by taking this week's quiz here: cnn.com/fareedquiz



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