Melania's Warning; Man's Truck Torched Over Trump Support; Never-Trumpers Turning?

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October 11, 2018

Melania Trump: People Who Cannot Be Trusted Still Working in West Wing

WA Man Explains Pickup Truck Being Torched Over Pro-Trump Bumper Stickers

A former Never-Trumper says supporting the president is the 'responsible choice' following Democrats' behavior throughout the Supreme Court confirmation process.

Former Never-Trumper: I Went From 'Meh' on Trump to MAGA After Dems' Treatment of Kavanaugh

PA Senate Candidate Lou Barletta: 'Trump's Economy Is So Good, Kaepernick Got a Job'


'Fox & Friends' Interview: Trump Praises Kim & Kanye, Says He May Need to 'Overrule' Sessions on Prison Reform

Rubio Warns of 'Complete Revolt' on Capitol Hill If Saudi Arabia Responsible for Journalist's Death

Shapiro: Dems Complained About Trump, But Their Rhetoric Now as Bad or 'Worse'

Perino: 'Preposterous' for Ocasio-Cortez to Claim Electoral College 'A Shadow of Slavery's Power'

Hannity Blasts Maxine Waters for Calling Trump 'Poster Boy' for Mob Protesters

Maxine Waters

WATCH: Lindsey Graham Responds to Rumors He Will Be Next Attorney General

Lindsey Graham

Caldwell: 'Completely Disturbed' by Backlash to Kanye's Trump Support

Gianno Caldwell said President Trump's meeting with Kanye West is a promising step toward addressing the gun violence that is plaguing Chicago, and he's 'completely disturbed' by the backlash to West's outspoken support of Trump.

'Scary in a Lot of Ways': Mike Huckabee Rides Out Hurricane Michael at Florida Home

Mike Huckabee on Thursday called in to 'America's Newsroom' from Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, where he rode out Hurricane Michael.

Fox Nation Unveils Talent Roster: Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Tucker Carlson and More

Fox News Channel primetime stars Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Tucker Carlson and many more will be featured in exclusive content on new streaming platform Fox Nation.

'Zebra, It's What's For Dinner': Gutfeld Warns of Some Dems' Shift Toward 'Venezuelan' Policies


'Junior Would Knock Him Out': Watters Riffs on Avenatti Challenging President's Son to Charity MMA Fight

Avenatti Trump Jr

'Why Didn't Anyone Say Anything?': Army Vet Reacts to High School Band Depicting Cops at Gunpoint

Benson: Dems' Fight Against Kavanaugh United Never-Trumpers With Trump Supporters

Fox News contributor Guy Benson appeared on 'Fox & Friends' Wednesday to react to the fallout from Justice Brett Kavanaugh being seated on the Supreme Court.

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