GOP Senator Confronted by Anti-Kavanaugh Protester, Pushes Back; Hillary Bashes 'Deplorables' Again; Ocasio-Cortez Called Out

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October 03, 2018

WATCH: GOP Senator Pushes Back When Confronted by Anti-Kavanaugh Protester

WATCH: GOP Senator Pushes Back When Confronted by Anti-Kavanaugh Protester
Fox Nation host Tomi Lahren blasted Hillary Clinton after the failed Democratic presidential nominee's latest salvos at President Trump and his supporters.

'Couldn't Be More Tone Deaf': Tomi Takes on Hillary's Latest Attack on 'Deplorables'

Ocasio-Cortez Called Out for Comments on Being 'Inaugurated' to Congress

Tucker Battles Liberal Radio Host: Kavanaugh Is Guilty If You 'Feel It in Your Heart?!'

Tucker Carlson faced off with a liberal radio host over an ACLU ad that compares Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh to Bill Clinton and Bill Cosby, two powerful men who have faced allegations of sexual misconduct.

'Innocent Until Proven Guilty': MO College Students Say Kavanaugh Must Be Afforded Due Process

Green Beret Medic Who Received Medal of Honor From Trump Says He's Battling Cancer

MN Senate Candidate: Dem Opponent Rips Kavanaugh, But Dismisses Ellison Accusations

Ingraham Angle: 'Left-Wing Nutbag' Professor Calls for Castration of GOP Senators

Trump Blasts Kavanaugh Accuser's Story, 'Sleazebag Lawyer' Avenatti at MS Rally

Tucker Carlson

Tucker on 'IceGate': 'Whoever Shall Throw Ice in a Tavern is Disqualified from the Judiciary'


'I Don't Think He's Moved at All': Hume on Flake Being 'Troubled' By Kavanaugh's 'Tone'

Brit Hume

'We Believe Survivors!': Protesters Clash With Kavanaugh Supporters, Rip Up Signs at U. of Texas

Judge Nap: Report of Alleged Kavanaugh-Linked Texts 'Far More Serious' Than Report on Yale Bar Fight

'You're a Liar': 'Outnumbered' Takes on Blumenthal for Claims About Vietnam Service, 'Stolen Valor'

Sen. Richard Blumenthal grilled embattled Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh on the importance of not telling even a single lie, but now the Connecticut Democrat's own difficult history with the truth is coming back to haunt him.

Tucker: Trump 'Smells' Panic from Dems Hearing Left-Wingers Saying 'Extreme Things'

Tucker Carlson

Flag Shredded by Hurricane Florence Auctioned for $10K in Honor of Late Family Member

Keystone Quiz: 'Jeopardy' Host Trebek Booed By Audience While Moderating PA Gov Debate

Alex Trebek

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