Trump vs. Protesters at Rally; ICE Agent Falsely Accused of Having Nazi Tattoo; Ingraham on Left’s Real Immigration Goal

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June 21, 2018

'Go Home to Mommy': Trump Riffs on Protesters at MN Rally for GOP House Candidate

Trump Rally
A fact-checker for The New Yorker magazine is under fire after she accused a Marine veteran and current Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agent of having a Nazi tattoo.

Marine Veteran Blasts 'Appalling' False Claim That ICE Agent-Veteran Had Nazi Tattoo

Laura Ingraham said Democrats are using the controversy over migrant family separations at the border to push for their real goal: a borderless world.

'A Borderless World': Ingraham Asks, What Is the Left's 'Real Game Plan' on Immigration?

Ben Shapiro: 'The Left Wants to Have It Both Ways' on Immigration, Border Security

Shapiro on family separations

'We Were in a Crisis Situation': MN Iron Workers Applaud Trump's Trade Policies

'Where Is Elizabeth Warren?': Hannity Blasts Dems' Silence Over Peter Fonda's 'Rage' Against Nielsen, Barron


Gingrich Calls Out 'Remarkable Hypocrisy' From the Left on Immigration

Newt Gingrich said Democrats want to use the controversy over migrant family separations to push for open borders.

Tammy Bruce on Trump Accomplishments: On 'Center-Left Media' All You'll Hear Is Anti-Trump 'Harangue'

Tammy Bruce

Hume: Trump 'Will Be Seen as Acting to End' Child Separations of Migrants

Brit Hume

'Sickening Depravity of the Left': The Five Reacts to Peter Fonda's Obscene Remark About Barron Trump

Watters Fonda

Chicago Officer Furious After Anti-Police Extremist Speaks at School's Career Day

Goldberg: White House Messaging on Migrant Family Separations 'Has Been a Disaster'

'She's Finished': Farage Says Merkel Ruined Career With 'Open Door' Migrant Policies

Fox News contributor Nigel Farage said German Chancellor Angela Merkel has ruined her political career and legacy with lax immigration and border security policies.

Judge Nap on Child Migrant Detentions: Gov't Has 'Failed Miserably' to Comply With 1997 Court Decision

Giuliani: We Believe Strzok Left Behind Similarly Biased 'Cohorts' on Trump-Russia Probe

Rudy Giuliani said Special Counsel Robert Mueller's Trump-Russia investigation may be 'tainted' and 'infected with bias' following revelations from Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz.

Peterson on 'Toxic Masculinity' Training in Kindergarten: 'Appalling' That Schools Are 'Pushing This Nonsense'

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