'This Is Fascism': Another Hollywood Actor Bashes Trump; 'Explosive' IG Report on Hillary Email Probe

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June 14, 2018

'This Is Fascism': John Cusack Says Trump Admin 'Demonizes, Humiliates & Tortures' Immigrants

Actor John Cusack accused the Trump administration of 'fascism' and 'torturing' illegal immigrants.
James Comey

Chaffetz: 'Explosive' IG Report Adds to James Comey's 'Legal Problems'

Trump Jr. on 'Fox & Friends': 'It'd Be Stupid' for POTUS to Testify Before Mueller

Candace Owens' Message to Young Conservative Women: 'Think for Yourself, Be Independent'

Trump on G7: If Russia Were Let Back In, 'We'd Have a Good Relationship'


Corker Fires Another Salvo at Trump: GOP Is 'Cult-Like' in Its Support of POTUS

Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) criticized his fellow Republicans, saying the GOP has become 'cult-like' in its support of President Donald Trump.

'He's a Terrible Actor': Trump Jr. Rips Booker for Warning That US Is on 'Disturbing' Path

Giuliani: Mueller Should Have Enough 'Material' to Conclude His Probe 'Right Now'

Rudy Giuliani

Hannity: Rod Rosenstein 'Should Step Aside or Be Fired'

Rod Rosenstein

Goodwin on NYT Reporter Sleeping With Alleged Leaker: 'Complete Collapse of Standards in Media'

Ali Watkins James Wolfe

'Could You Ask for a Better Battle?': Gutfeld on Alec Baldwin Discussing Presidential Bid

Gutfeld Baldwin

Dobbs on GOP Immigration Bills: 'RINO' Ryan Leading 'Mindless Lemming-Like Rush to Absolute Disaster'

Lou Dobbs

'Raul Castro Isn't Exactly the Pope': Neil Presses Top Dem on 'Hypocrisy' Over Trump-Kim Summit

Neil Cavuto Hoyer

Pavlich: Obama Is Frustrated That Trump Has 'Destroyed' His Legacy

FBI Arrests 74 in Global 'Operation WireWire' Hacking Scandal

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