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June 17, 2018

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First, Fareed gives his Take on the Trump-Kim summit this week, and why the real headline from the meeting should have been "US weakens its seventy-year alliance with South Korea."

"The most striking elements of Trump's initiative were not simply that he lavished praise on North Korea's dictator, Kim Jong Un, but that he announced the cancellation of military exercises with South Korea, adopting North Korea's own rhetoric by calling them 'provocative,'" Fareed says. "The President must have missed his briefing."

Then, Fareed is joined by Susan Rice, former US ambassador to the United Nations and National Security Adviser under President Obama. Is the North Korea nuclear threat really over? Did Kim Jong Un get a better deal than President Trump? Are we seeing the start of a trade war with China? Are the US tariffs against China justified? Rice responds to these questions, and more.

Also: With some officials in Europe voicing concern about the future of US global leadership and the US commitment to the rules-based international order, Fareed speaks with former British Foreign Secretary David Miliband, now the President and CEO of the International Rescue Committee, to get his take. Are the current tensions between the US and Europe worse than previous squabbles? Is President Trump's criticism of Europe and Canada over trade justified? How popular is President Trump with Europe's populists? Is populism here to stay? Fareed and Miliband discuss this and more.

Watch Miliband discuss the US role in the world

Plus: Last year saw the #MeToo Movement make global headlines. What are the long-term implications? How are dating apps affecting the way people interact? Fareed is joined by Joanna Coles, former editor of Marie Claire and Cosmo and now the chief content officer at Hearst, to discuss these issues and Coles' new book, "Love Rules."

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