McEnany: Media Rooting Against N. Korea Peace; Shapiro Dings Trump on Praise for Kim; Gutfeld's Response to De Niro

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June 12, 2018

McEnany Blasts Anti-Trump Press After Historic Summit: 'You're Rooting Against Peace'

Ben Shapiro said it was disquieting to see President Donald Trump praise North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

'This Is a Slave State': Shapiro Says Trump's Praise of a 'Tin-Pot Dictator' Was 'Disquieting'

De Niro Gutfeld

'Nobody's Talking to You': Gutfeld on De Niro's Anti-Trump Tirade

'Will You Give Up Your Nuclear Weapons?': CNN's Acosta Shouts Questions at Kim, Trump

Trump Kim

Trump to Hannity: Past Administrations' 'Policy of Silence' on North Korea Didn't Work

President Donald Trump said he didn't like using harsh rhetoric against Kim Jong Un, but he said it helped set the table for his historic meeting with the North Korean leader.

Tucker Battles Clinton Adviser on Trump's Tariffs: 'Why Shouldn't an American Leader Stand Up for America?'

Tucker Carlson debated former Clinton adviser Richard Goodstein over President Trump imposing tariffs on steel and aluminum from Europe, Mexico and Canada and demanding an end to what he calls 'unfair trade practices.'

Dem Strategist: Singapore Meeting 'A Win for Kim Jong Un'

Kim Jong Un

Steyn: Trump-Kim Summit 'Completely the Opposite' to How Previous Western Leaders Operated

Steyn Kim

WATCH: Donald Trump, Kim Jong Un Shake Hands, Exchange Greetings

Trump Kim Shake Hands

Hannity: Trump-Kim Summit as Historic as Reagan-Gorbachev in Reykjavik

Reagan Gorbachev

Kim Jong Un Brought His Own Toilet to Singapore for Trump Summit

Kim Jong Un

Wallace: Definition of 'Denuclearization,' Timetable of Sanctions Relief Could Be Sticking Points

President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un signed a document on Tuesday stating that Pyongyang would work toward 'complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.'

'The Circus' Host: Maher, De Niro, Bee Helping to 'Ensure' Trump Gets Re-Elected

Comedian Bill Maher sparked outrage by saying he hopes the economy crashes in order to 'get rid' of President Donald Trump.

Former CIA Officer Urges Caution After Summit: North Korea Has 'Long History of Double Dealing'

'History in the Making': Gorka Applauds Trump for 'Absolutely Stunning' Agreement with North Korea

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