Trump Surprises 'Fox & Friends': IG Report 'Exonerates Me'; Heated Showdown at WH Briefing

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June 15, 2018

Trump Makes Impromptu Visit to 'Fox & Friends,' Claims IG Report on Clinton Probe 'Totally Exonerates' Him

President Trump on 'Fox & Friends' on IG Report, James Comey, North Korea & More
Brian Karem

'Don't You Have Any Empathy?!': Playboy Reporter Goes After Sanders on Migrant Kids Being Separated From Parents

Diamond & Silk to Mark Zuckerberg: Apology Not Accepted

Parents Petition for Policy Change After Transgender Athletes Dominate at High School Track Meet

Some Connecticut students and parents are calling for a rule change after a transgender teen dominated at the high school state track and field competition.

WATCH: Steve Doocy Gets Father's Day Surprise From Peter at White House

Before a spur-of-the-moment appearance from President Trump on the White House lawn, the 'Fox & Friends' host was surprised with a pre-Father's Day visit and a gift from his son, Fox News correspondent Peter Doocy.

'His Conduct Is as Rotten as You Can Imagine': Stirewalt on Manafort Being Jailed Before Trial


Teen Who Asked to Be Adopted at Church Graduates High School, Plans to Attend Culinary School

Teen adopted after pleading for family graduates high school

'Why Did I Only Find Out Today?': Nunes Rips DOJ for Holding Back Docs Until IG Report

Devin Nunes

Hannity Calls Stunning IG Report a 'Swamp Document,' Rips Inspector for Denying 'Bias'


Gowdy: Stunning IG Report on Handling of Clinton Probe 'A Dark Day for the DOJ'

Trey Gowdy

'He's Like Acosta': Watters Rips Playboy's Brian Karem for 'Embarrassing Meltdown' in Press Room


Levin: IG Report Shows Strzok, Comey Interfered 'Worse Than the Russians Could Ever Dream Of'

Mark Levin

'We Will Have a Red Tide': VA GOP Sen Candidate Corey Stewart Rips Tim Kaine, Praises Trump 'Successes'

Corey Stewart

Judge Nap: 'There Is Very Little New' Info in IG Report on Clinton Email Probe

CA Attorney: California Is 'Like a Drunk, It Has to Hit Rock-Bottom' Before Things Change


Dem Attorney: There's an 'Exaggeration' of Strzok's Impact on Trump

Tucker Julian Epstein

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