Hannity's Message to Never-Trumpers After New Supreme Court Vacancy; Judge Nap: Abortion Will Be Key Issue

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June 28, 2018

'Admit How Wrong You Were': Hannity Rips 'Never-Trumpers' as Second SCOTUS Spot Opens


Judge Nap: The Key Issue After Justice Kennedy's Retirement Will Be Abortion

Ingraham: 'The Bell Is Tolling for Nancy Pelosi' After Top NY Dem Falls to Young Socialist

My Right to Freedom of Association Was Violated: Plaintiff Reacts After SCOTUS Deals Historic Blow to Unions

Gingrich: It Appears Strzok Was 'Dedicated to Clinton Winning and Stopping Trump'

Cruz: 'Good Possibility' Hillary Would Have Won If Scalia Had Not Died Before Election

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) appeared on 'Fox & Friends' on Thursday to react to the impending retirement of Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy.

Shapiro on Socialist Who Upset NY Primary: Just Like Bernie, She Has Radical Ideas That Can Never Be Paid For

Ben Shapiro

Zsa Zsa, the World's Ugliest Dog, Was Quite a Hit on 'Fox & Friends'

UC-Berkeley Prepares Students for Possible ICE Sweeps on Campus

Schumer Demands Congress Use 'Biden Rule' in Choosing Kennedy Replacement


Sen. Cruz: 'We Should Confirm SCOTUS Pick Before Election', Suggests Mike Lee

Ted Cruz

The Five: Socialist Who Ran on Abolishing ICE, Impeachment Defeats Top House Dem

Crowley Ocasio Cortez

Trump's Judicial Adviser Talks Potential Replacements for Justice Kennedy

Supreme Court

'A Slovenly Man': Trump Chides Top NY Dem Crowley for 'Getting His A** Kicked' by Socialist

Joe Crowley

Trump Rips Maxine Waters at ND Rally: 'Imagine If I Said Those Things'


Goodlatte: Peter Strzok's Answers About Anti-Trump Texts 'Not Believable'

Bob Goodlatte

Trump Jokes to Portugal's President About Cristiano Ronaldo Running Against Him

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