Samantha Bee Viciously Bashes Ivanka; Amazing Posts Unearthed From Joy Reid's Blog; Must-See Border Bust

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May 31, 2018

Kurtz: Media Shows 'Selective Outrage' After Samantha Bee Calls Ivanka Trump a 'C---'

Tucker: Decade-Old Joy Reid Blog Posts Rip Migrant Workers, Praise Lou Dobbs

PHOTO: Border Agents Find Illegal Immigrant Hidden in Shipment of Wood Shavings

Border Agents Find Illegal Immigrant Hidden in Shipment of Wood Shavings

'Not Now, Not Ever': Mexican President Says Mexico Will Never Pay for a Border Wall

During a rally in Nashville on Tuesday, President Donald Trump doubled down on his claim that Mexico will end up paying for a border wall.

Trump to Give 'Full Pardon' to Dinesh D'Souza: 'He Was Treated Very Unfairly'

President Donald Trump on Thursday announced he is pardoning filmmaker Dinesh D'Souza.

'So Crazy': The Five Reacts to Chris Matthews' 'Stereotype' of Republicans

Chris Matthews

Kids Are Worried 'They Could Get Shot': Young Journalist Asks Sanders About School Shootings

Kid Asks Sanders Question

Loesch Calls Out 'Media Hypocrisy' on Melania Trump: Questions About Hillary's Health Were 'Conspiracies'

Ingraham Blasts Racism 'Double-Standard': Media Silent on Jeremiah Wright & Obama, Uses Sharpton as 'Expert'

Laura Ingraham

Sanders Blasts Disney CEO: 'Where Was Bob Iger's Apology' to Trump?

Bob Iger

Incredible Rescue: Idaho Youth Football Team Lifts Car to Free Crash Victim

A Utah youth football team showed they are champions on and off the field.

Former NFL Player Sues Michigan State, Claims False Sexual Assault Allegation Ruined Career

Giuliani: No Trump-Mueller Interview If We Don't Get to See Documents on FBI Informant

Judge Nap: Giuliani Shouldn't Make 'Outlandish & Outrageous' Spy Allegations Without Evidence

Judge Andrew Napolitano criticized President Trump's attorney Rudy Giuliani for claiming the FBI placed a spy inside the Trump campaign despite having 'zero evidence' to support that allegation.

'Gowdy Doesn't Get It': Hannity Rips SC Rep for Defending FBI on 'Informant' Allegations


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