Reuters Health Report: Cancer warnings to be served up with coffee in California

Cancer warnings to be served up with coffee in California

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Starbucks Corp and other roasters and retailers must serve up a cancer warning with coffee sold in California, a Los Angeles judge has ruled.

Mylan says U.S. customers may have trouble getting EpiPens

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Mylan NV said on Tuesday that U.S. consumers may have difficulty getting EpiPen prescriptions filled after manufacturing problems constrained supply, but the drugmaker did not say there was a shortage of its emergency allergy treatment.

Trump to deliver speech on drug prices on Friday: White House

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. President Donald Trump on Friday will deliver a speech about lowering prescription drug prices, a White House spokesman said on Tuesday.

AstraZeneca sells rights for Seroquel to Luye Pharma for $538 million

LONDON (Reuters) - British pharma company AstraZeneca said it had sold the rights for Seroquel, a treatment for schizophrenia and bipolar disease, to Luye Pharma Group for $538 million, as part of a strategy to focus on other therapy areas.

Jazz Pharmaceuticals to settle U.S. probe for $57 million

BOSTON (Reuters) - Jazz Pharmaceuticals Plc said on Tuesday it had agreed to pay $57 million to resolve a U.S. probe into its financial support of charities that offer assistance to Medicare patients seeking help to cover out-of-pocket drug costs.

Major review backs cervical cancer shots, especially for teens

(Reuters) - Vaccines designed to prevent infection with human papillomavirus (HPV) are effective in protecting against pre-cancerous cervical lesions in women, particularly in those vaccinated between age 15 and 26, according to a large international evidence review.

Seventeen deaths reported in Congo as Ebola outbreak confirmed

KINSHASA (Reuters) - At least 17 people have died in an area of northwestern Democratic Republic of Congo where health officials have now confirmed an outbreak of Ebola, the health ministry said on Tuesday.

Victims of Japan's forced sterilizations demand justice after decades of silence

TOKYO (Reuters) - One day when Saburo Kita was 14, he was taken from an institution for troubled children to see a doctor. Despite protesting that his health was fine, he was ordered to strip, lie down on a table, and was given a local anesthetic.

Walmart to restrict opioid dispensing at its pharmacies

(Reuters) - Walmart Inc said on Monday it would restrict initial acute opioid prescriptions to no more than a seven-day supply as the retailer aims to curb an opioid epidemic that has plagued the United States.

Cholera vaccination campaign starts in Yemen after year delay: WHO

GENEVA (Reuters) - The first vaccine campaign against cholera in Yemen has started, 18 months after war and a sanitation crisis triggered an epidemic, but the World Health Organization said it did not yet have permission nationwide to do the vaccinations.

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