Newspaper Bashes Ivanka; Backlash Over Trump-Themed 'Promposal'; Charles Krauthammer Update

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May 15, 2018

Daily News Cover Calls Ivanka 'Daddy's Little Ghoul' After Violence During Embassy Opening

New York Daily News Cover Slams Ivanka: 'Daddy's Little Ghoul'
A Wisconsin high school student's President Trump-inspired 'promposal' has stirred a social media debate.

LOOK: WI Student's Trump-Themed 'Promposal' Triggers Backlash


'The Worst Is Behind Me': Krauthammer Reacts to Concerned Viewers, Is Honored at Israeli Embassy

Hannity: Mueller's Probe 'Imploding' After Counsel Caught 'Flat-Footed' Going After Russian Entity

Hannity Monologue

'None of It's Real': Rush Limbaugh Blasts 'Fake, Trumped-Up' Russia Probe

Nunes: DOJ Never Should Have Opened Counterintelligence Investigation Into a Political Party

Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) wants to find out if the FBI had a good reason to launch a counter-intelligence investigation into the Trump campaign.

Shapiro: Media Acting as 'Propaganda Wing' for Hamas With Protest Coverage

Ben Shapiro

Liberal San Francisco Candidate Outraged Over City's 'Absurd' Sanctuary Policy


Former San Francisco Mayor Calls for End of Dems' Trump-Bashing: 'Might Need 12-Step Program'

Willie Brown AP

McEnany: 'Baseless' Calls for Trump's Impeachment Won't Work for Dems in November

Kellyanne Conway: Expect WH 'Personnel Changes' After Anti-McCain Leak

Kellyanne Conway

Ingraham: Press Using Aide's McCain Remark to 'Grasp at Straws' During Trump's Successes


Dems Are 'All Anti-Trump,' Don't Talk About Issues: Locals Weigh In on PA Primary Day

Butler Pennsylvania diner

Gutfeld: Mike Bloomberg Says Political 'Dishonesty' Is Bigger Threat Than Terrorism

Gutfeld Bloomberg Subway

Tomi Lahren on Jerusalem Embassy Dedication: Trump 'Delivered on His Promise'

Jerusalem Embassy

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