Millennials Would Rather Date Felon Over Trump Supporter; Man Harassed at Cheesecake Factory for 'MAGA' Hat

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May 16, 2018

WATCH: More Millennials Would Rather Date a Convicted Felon Over a Trump Supporter

Millennials Answer: Would You Rather Date A Trump Supporter Or A Convicted Felon?

'Really Wrong': Man Details Harassment at Cheesecake Factory Over 'MAGA' Hat

Alan Dershowitz slammed the mainstream media for its coverage of the deadly clashes between Israelis and Palestinians at the Israel-Gaza border.

Dershowitz: Media 'Incentivizes & Encourages' Hamas With Biased Coverage

Sanders: If Trump-Kim Summit Doesn't Happen, Admin Will Continue 'Maximum Pressure Campaign'

Warren: Millions of Americans 'Angry and Scared' Over 'Damage Done' by Trump, GOP

DHS Sec'y Calls Out Congress: Fix Asylum Loophole, Pass Kate's Law & Build the Wall

DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen on 'Ingraham Angle':

Rand Paul: Does Gina Haspel Know Something About Trump Campaign Spying?

Rand Paul Haspel

Anything to 'Go Against Trump': SEAL Who Killed Bin Laden Rips Media for Calling Murderous Iraqi Cleric 'Maverick'


Tucker: PA Dem Candidate Attacked as 'Hardliner' for Opposing Illegal Immigration

John Morganelli

Bongino Rips Media's Israel Coverage: 'Surprised Hamas Doesn't Have a Desk in Newsroom'

Dan Bongino

GOP's 'Amnesty Fanatics': Ingraham Says Nearly 20 Republicans Pushing Measure to Allow Immigration Vote


'Being a Jerk Is Not a High Crime': The Five on Pelosi Warning Dems Against Impeachment Talk


'Facts Work, Why Don't You Get Some': Tucker Battles NM Candidate Who Said 'F*** the NRA'

Tucker Vs Gun Control Proponent

Napolitano: Sports Betting Ruling Could Set Precedent for Sanctuary City Battle

Judge Andrew Napolitano

'Utterly Pathetic': Kurtz Slams Daily News for Cover Bashing Ivanka Trump

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