DOWN GOES UCONN: Huskies' 111-game win streak snapped in NCAA Women's Final Four

The Connecticut women's basketball team loses 66-64 in overtime to Mississippi State in the NCAA Women's Basketball Tournament, ending the longest winning streak in Division I basketball

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Mylan expands EpiPen recall to include US units

Mylan expands EpiPen recall to include US units

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Tucker Battles Controversial Drexel Professor; McCain: 'How Dare You' Disrespect Soldiers

Fox News Scoop

Today's Top Stories

March 31, 2017

Tucker Battles Prof Offended by Airplane Passenger Giving 1st-Class Seat to Soldier

A Drexel University professor who said he wanted to 'vomit' after an airline passenger gave up a first-class seat for a soldier engaged in a heated debate tonight with Tucker Carlson.
Meghan McCain

'How Dare You!': McCain Tears Into Professor for Tweet About Soldier

Ann Coulter to Speak at Berkeley Less Than 3 Months After Fiery Milo Protests

Ann Coulter to Speak at Berkeley Less Than 3 Months After Fiery Milo Protests

Gingrich: Russia Hearings, Investigations Will Go on for 'At Least a Year'

Newt Gingrich

WATCH: No One Can Agree on How to Pronounce Devin Nunes' Name

Despite Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) being a major political player, pundits are still having a difficult time correctly pronouncing his name.

New PA Principal Issues Suspensions to Half of High School's Students

Half of school suspended

Watters Joins College Students on a Different Kind of Spring Break

Watters' World: Spring Break With UDAB Students Volunteering in Appalachia

LOOK: Players, Umpire Take Cover as Bees Invade Spring Training

Bees invade baseball game

Ingraham: Trump Attacking Freedom Caucus Is 'Really Unhelpful' to His Agenda

Laura Ingraham understands why President Trump is upset with the Freedom Caucus, but she doesn't think he should pick a fight them them.

Krauthammer: Filibustering Gorsuch Would Be 'Self-Inflicted Wound' for Dems

Senate Democrats are reportedly planning on filibustering President Trump's Supreme Court nominee, Judge Neil Gorsuch, but that's not a good idea, according to Charles Krauthammer.

O'Reilly: If Sanctuary Cities Defy Trump Admin, They Will 'Pay a Price'

Bill O'Reilly Talking Points Memo on Sanctuary Cities, President Trump, Illegal Immigration

Dem Lawmaker Rips Trump's 'Xenophobic,' 'Disturbing' Immigration Policies

Massachusetts State Sen. Jamie Eldridge is supporting a colleague who warned illegal immigrants of an upcoming ICE 'raid.'

Chaffetz on Flynn's 'Story to Tell': Congress Should Not Give Immunity Amid FBI Probe


Eboni Williams: Time for Dems to Find 'New Blood' and New Narrative

Eboni Williams

What's On


Is Trump the media's most despised president ever? Howard Kurtz breaks down new accusations on The First 100 Days.


Inside the nation's political gap and how it will impact the biggest issues facing our country. Get can't-miss insight on The O'Reilly Factor.


U.S. citizens under secret surveillance? Who are they watching? What do they have? And how could it be used? Tucker Carlson gets answers from an NSA whistleblower.

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Reuters Business Today: March 31, 2017

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Friday, March 31, 2017
Wall Street's rock-solid quarter ends with a loss
(Reuters) - Wall Street fell on Friday, pulled down by Exxon and JPMorgan Chase as investors wrapped up a strong quarter and weighed whether corporate earnings reports will justify the market's lofty valuations.
Major internet providers say will not sell customer browsing histories
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Comcast Corp, Verizon Communications Inc and AT&T Inc said Friday they would not sell customers' individual internet browsing information, days after the U.S. Congress approved legislation reversing Obama administration era internet privacy rules.
Fed signals it could promptly start shedding bonds from portfolio this year
NEW YORK (Reuters) - The Federal Reserve could begin shrinking its $4.5-trillion balance sheet as soon as this year, earlier than most economists expect, New York Fed President William Dudley said on Friday in the central bank's most definitive comments on the question that looms over financial markets.
Credit Suisse under fire as clients hunted for tax evasion
AMSTERDAM/ZURICH (Reuters) - Swiss bank Credit Suisse has been dragged into yet more tax evasion and money laundering investigations, after a tip-off to Dutch prosecutors about tens of thousands of suspect accounts triggered raids in five countries.
DuPont in asset deal with FMC, delays close of Dow merger
(Reuters) - DuPont said on Friday it would buy a unit of FMC Corp and sell its crop protection business to the company to win European Union approval for its merger with Dow Chemical , and delayed the deal's closing for the third time.
Fannie, Freddie may write down $21 billion due to U.S. tax cut: BMO
NEW YORK (Reuters) - U.S. mortgage finance giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac may write down $21 billion of tax-related assets if there is a deep cut in the federal corporate tax rate as promised by President Donald Trump, according to an analyst at BMO Capital Markets on Friday.
Snapchat adds more accessible search feature
(Reuters) - Snap Inc said on Friday its Snapchat messaging app would add an option for users to search through photos and videos that users have posted to the public.
BlackRock's active gambit ups pressure on rivals
NEW YORK/BOSTON (Reuters) - BlackRock Inc's decision to revamp part of its stock-picking business puts further pressure on active U.S. equity managers to cut fees, change products and merge to stem a relentless, 12-year decline in assets.
Toshiba likely to miss quarterly earnings deadline for third time: sources
TOKYO (Reuters) - Toshiba Corp will likely miss a third deadline to report its quarterly business results, two sources told Reuters, forcing the Japanese conglomerate to ask for a fresh extension or face a possible delisting from the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
Oil retreats, set to become first quarter's worst-performing asset
NEW YORK (Reuters) - Oil prices fell on Friday after a three-day rally ran out of steam as a higher U.S. rig count signaled rising production from shale, contributing to the global supply glut.
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